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Project Description

Event data on demand

ESOMAR is a organisation for market research providing several conferences throughout the year to market researchers providing interactive sessions and network with business leaders from all around the world. The 3rd party event apps do not meet the needs of this particular industry or format. The solution was a fully integrated app parsing real time data from its Event Pages of the company website. ESOMARLIVE modernises the event experience by guiding their delegates through key elements of the ESOMAR global and regional conferences by including speakers biographies, sessions, venue information, networking and personalised programmes right from your pocket! This paperless event app to guide delegates through key elements of the ESOMAR global and regional conferences. The app synchronises live data and changes directly from ESOMAR website keeping attendees with the latest information of their event.

ESOMAR is the leading organisation for encouraging, advancing and elevating market research worldwide. The app allows ESOMAR to populate, change and bill consolidation loans bad credit automate changes on demand. Third parties are entirely removed keeping ESOMAR in total control of messaging, branding and the inevitable revisions.

Project Details

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