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Find your local makers!

Do you have a killer tech-initiative in mind but don’t know how to get it off the ground? Find the experts in your neighborhood who are willing to help. Whether you want to organize a workshop, tech – conference, launch party, expo or even hackathon you’d be surprised how many communities are right around the corner who are happy to assist.


Finding your local maker payadvance community is fast and FREE! 1) choose your country from the pull down menu, 2) enter your city 3) choose the community type and 4) enter the specific skill set you are looking for.

Click “SEND” and a pop-up will appear telling you how many communities have been found and Tapp will send you an email with the entire list of communities, how many members belong to the community and what they’re all about. THAT’S IT!

Once you receive the list of your local smart communities you can click on the group names to contact them directly. If you’re not sure how to approach them send Tapp an email and we’ll be glad to help!

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We promise to keep your email address safe!


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