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What if cities could rapid prototype solutions for their citizens - what if citizens could rapid prototype solutions for their cities?


Our Mission

Working together with public and private partners, Tapp enables local governments and industries to become leaders in the bottom up digital revolution.  Using agile and lean start-up methodologies we can quickly solve many urgent social, environmental, economic challenges.

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Tapp is a smart city design cooperative made up of architects, data strategists and civic hackers. Based in the smart city capital of Amsterdam, we works with international stakeholders who are committed to make our cities more sustainable, resilient and inclusive.  

Tapp’s award winning approach helps private and public parties navigate their digital journey to quickly identify, co-create and test civic innovation

Our Services:

Tapp’s citizen-engaged approach using lean-methodology to generate the greatest value for the city and its citizens.

Here are some services we offer:

POC’s & Pilots: We produce MVP’s (Minimal Viable Products) and prototypes to quickly identify, build and test civic innovation

Hackathons: We design urban challenges, host hackathons and other civic-tech pressure-cookers

Design Sprints: We organize multi-stakeholder workshops using agile methodologies to scale success and kill failures. 

Rapid Experimentation: We help cities to test assumptions by conducting experiments that are quick, inexpensive and inclusive

City Data Modeling: Data levels all arguments! We help identify which city data and open data sets will help you project be a success (or not). 

Smart City Strategies: We help cities define the scope, impact, expected results, risks, and roles of their smart city projects.