Bridging the gap between traditional city making with the future city makers

As smart city technologies flood the marketplace, co-creation between the future city makers and citizens become more and more necessary. At Tapp, we’re passionate about empowering citizens and city authorities to join the bottom-up digital revolution. 

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Smart Energy

Climate change is clear and present danger to our cities. Tapp has experience working with energy partners, utlilities and researchers to open energy data, create energy API’s, and other smart grid solutions to keep our cities energy independent and sustainable.

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Future Mobility

When asked: what is the #1 issue facing your city? “Traffic & Infrastructure” is the most urgent issue citizens agree on. Future cities need to ensure the safe and free distribution of people, goods and services. Tapp is currently working with private and public partners to explore the impact of these future mobility solutions on local communities.


City Data

Clearly, when cities put data and urban tech directly into the hands of its citizens, they can empower us to become more effective and impactful. Tapp works with municipalities and startups alike, to transform city data into actionable business models and value propositions that will improve our current and future urban spaces.

Project Videos

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