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Welcome to Tapp

Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing, automated driving and many other technologies are not only possible, they are already here. But how will all these advances make our cities and suburbs more sustainable, livable and enjoyable? 

Tapp is a consultancy group offering private and public authorities quick and affordable solutions by utilizing the power of local maker communities.

What if cities could rapid prototype solutions for their citizens?

What if citizens could rapid prototype solutions for their cities?

The Tapp loans long term Approach

Tapp believes that smart city solutions should be developed quickly and affordably. This is why direct pay day loan rapid prototyping is essential to best analyze, make, demonstrate, refine, test and deploy real solutions for real cities. By focusing on ‘user centric design’ local maker communities can create viable solutions that deliver more value for a fraction of the time. What challenges can these makers solve for your smart city? 

Find Your Local Makers!

Tapp is engaged with the local innovation leaders and maker communities as the best source of rapid prototying. Keeping the knowledge and expertise local is the key to quick and sustainable development. Why spend weeks and months developing an MVP

Find out how these communities can start prototyping your challenge today!

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Smart City Partners

Tapp is based in smart city capital city of Amsterdam working with many private & public partnerships to develop high impact and lo-cost solutions . Do you have a killer initiative in mind? Contact us to see what solution is nys deferred compensation loans right for you or a member of your smart city ecosystem.


Amsterdam Smart City Hackathon 2015

Amsterdam's Smart City Hackathon. The Appsterdam Smart City Challenge 2015 was all about turning urban challenges into opportunities. Teams where asked to develop working prototypes that tackled the themes of : Smart Energy, Smart Mobility and Smart Stadium. Hackers had 2 days to make Amsterdam more enjoyable, more sustainable, and more social.


N8 Hackathon

Hacking the balance between Amsterdam’s museums, tourists and its residents Amsterdam is thriving. Amsterdam enjoys over 16 million tourists per year visiting the same streets, squares and parks as it’s residents. Our city hosts in excess of 300 cultural festivals every year (2.2 million at Sail 2015 in one week alone). These civic gatherings create [...]


Drone Day Amsterdam

Amsterdam's first public drone event. Ever wanted to fly a drone? Or watch professionals race live? Drone Day Amsterdam was the first of unemployed bad credit loan it's kind in the historic city center amsterdam welcoming local hobbyists, enthusiasts, professional to understand the technology and how it impacts the city. DDA is a part of the Nerderlands.com  festival for the international [...]


Toon API

The First Smart Thermostat API Following on the success of Toon® Open Hackathon earlier in March 2015, Eneco and Quby are pleased to debut their new initiative entitled “Toon Open API” which allows 3rd party developers, to create brand new products & services making homes smarter, safer, and energy efficient as well as more [...]



Realtime Master Planning ModelMe is a dashboard prototype for planners, stakeholders, and occupants combining the latest gaming softare, open source and user generated data to explore the potential of real-time urban planning. In an era where the urban planning tools of the past have become redundant and ineffective architects and urban planners require new tools [...]



Give your stuff a second life iKringloop makes re-use easier & faster than throwing away by connecting neighbours, local charities and municipalities to your second hand stuff. iKringloop makes re-use easier & faster than throwing away by connecting neighbours, local charities and municipalities to your second hand stuff. Getting rid of your stuff has never [...]


Straat Jutter

One mans trash is another man’s treasure. Straat Jutter is a free-cycling app for the modern “Street Comber”. The goal the app is to allow users to reuse discarded belongings instead of disposing them in landfills. How does it work? Place or search for belongings available on the curb before the municipality removes it. Let [...]


Smooth Grid

Charge anytime - anywhere. As we transition from gas to renewables we will need innovative solutions to solve the consumption and transport of electricity. Introducing Smooth Grid, a revolutionary new plug-n-go system that allows you to take your energy everywhere. With the Smooth Grid App and Smooth Grid Plug you can find the best [...]

Smart Events